Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh Man!

Okay, remember when I said in the post below that I was going to make today the best day possible? Well...I'm still trying to do so but I got a phone call during my staff meeting today saying that Kyler was playing at recess, got hit in the mouth, was in the nurses office and I needed to come. Yeah...I was speeding a little to get there but that is the mom instinct ya know. Well, when I got there it wasn't good. I called the dentist right away, got him in right away and here are the positives...

1. I got him there very quickly which will increase the likelihood that the teeth will stay in.

2. The teeth are not broken. Yay!

3. He has finally done something before his brothers! LOL!

4. He doesn't have to have his teeth cleaned on Friday(this is good according to him).

5. He now knows what it is like to have to have a shot at the dentist...good 'cuz he's never gonna want to do it again.

6. He got the rest of the day off!

The bad...

1. His right front tooth and the one next to it will most likely need a root canals at some point.

2. It is going to be quite painful for the next couple of days.

3. He has a wire across his four front teeth to hold them into position that he has to go back to the dentist in a week to have looked at.

4. The sockets are "broken" but they will heal on their own.

5. He now knows what it is like to have a shot at the dentist...bad because it hurts darn it!

All I can say is one thing...Praise God it wasn't any worse!

PS: The picture doesn't do it looks horrible!

12 comments that make my day!:

Amber Porter said...

OMG! Poor Kyler!! I feel for him!

Diane said...

Oh my! What a way to start the week!!!! Hope he's not in too much pain!!! Have a better day tomorrow!

Kelly A. Swienton said...

Ouch! Poor guy - I'm sure it hurts so much he needs some extra ice cream or milk shakes just to make it feel better!

Bev said...

Never a dull moment for moms! I'm glad it wasn't worse. The great thing is kids heal fast.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for both of you!


Courtney said...

Oh poor, poor thing! Maybe he'll think twice before kissin' that guy again... hahahahha..... ok, that wasn't funny.

Hope you feel better real soon, Kyler!

Becca said...

Lorie: I know all too well about mouth injuries. My middle son Justyn had an accident on his bed in which he lost his front baby tooth. NO damage to the adult tooth. Later on no longer did that adult tooth come in, he lost it slipping on ice outside the front door. Yep, I remember rushing him to the hospital on both occassions because of the way the mouth gets injured. So needless to say Justyn now has braces and I hope he is careful when they come out. LOL...boys they are so funny. For now, lots a hugs and soft stuff for you sweetie pie, what is what I did for my sweetie pie.
Take care,


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness...poor baby!! I hope he is feeling well enough for some ice cream and jello and pudding. :0) I also hope his pain isn't too uncomfortable. It's just the worst when our teeth hurt and I hope his are doing better. I'm so sorry you had to go through that too. Just the horrible anticipation of how your baby is while you're driving to the school. I hope you both got a good night's sleep and the morning brings your beautiful sunshine and happiness. Love and hugs to you all.

QuiltNut Creations said...

ouch! poor kid! hope he's not in too much pain and he heals quickly

Danyelle Kessler said...


I had the same procedure as your son, 25 years ago. The wires are through the gums to hold the tooth in place? I was 9 years old when I was injured. I had my root canal later, braces at age 19, the same tooth they saved removed permanently in 2006. Over the years it fused with bone and tissue in my jaw and the issue became how to pull the tooth we tried so hard to save so many years ago? I had the choice of having it cut out from behind my nose or cut into my upper palate. It turned out fine. Make sure as he is ex-rayed over the years that the space behind the tooth doesn't become a cyst and that the tooth doesn't fuse back into the jaw with no root. This will cause problems later. It is painful at first, but well worth it to preserve a natural tooth.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh, Lorie! Bless that young man! Easy foods, cool things too, to help keep the inflammation down. You know all of that ... you're a MOM!

My DD had a serious bathtub accident at 2 years old .. shoving back the front teeth. With a quick dash to a super kids' dentist .. it all worked out just beautifully. Pray, be patient, and let the healing come. ((((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

OH my.... doesn't that just frighten you!

Hug the little guy for me...will think good thoughts and say a prayer for a good outcome!

Michele Cronsell said...

Oh, my! That is so scary! I opened this post thinking that he lost a tooth! I just posted in my blog yesterday that my youngest lost her first one. Poor guy, I hope he feels okay soon.