Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Share: Do Something

Good Sunday morning all! With the excitement of the Super Bowl you might have thought I'd skip over my Sunday Share today, I found this great video about 'doing something' that I think you'll love. I love how Andy says that God wants to bless you and will bless you but you have to do something. Don't have a job...volunteer somewhere, want to lose weight...take the first step. That first step in faith can be the hardest for some people but once you've done it then it is one step after another, one good decision after another, and the next thing you know you are headed down the road that God has for you!

So, have you planned out what you are going to eat today? I know there will be lots of foods that may not be on your healthy eating plan at those parties you are going to go to. So...make a plan ( before you go!) of what you are going to have today and stick with you so you can stand in the kitchen or at that buffet and be able to say to yourself...this is it. I am satisfied with my food and proud of myself for sticking to my plan.

Personally we will just be home for the Super Bowl and that provides the most control. I have bought BBQ Pork for sandwiches today and these super cute mini-seasoned potatoes...yum! While I will make some foods for Kyler that I aren't on my healthy eating plan I know I have the knowledge and want to within me to not eat them! I think some popcorn will be in order this afternoon as well!

So, go...enjoy your day whether it be watching the super bowl or crafting in your craft space but do it with the knowledge that Jesus loves you just the way you are but doesn't want to leave you there either. He desires a deeper relationship with you so spend some time with him today...and everyday!

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Queen Mary said...

Beautiful Lori, perfect timing! Thanks.