Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's a birthday!

Warning...this is a non-stamping related post! Since I've talked on and on about Jon and Kyler I thought that I should give equal time to my oldest son, Scott, too and what better day then his birthday?

Today, 23 years ago I gave birth to my first son. I know...can you believe it? 23 years (it is also how I keep track of how long I've been out of high! Ahh...lessons learned)! I wanted to show you a photo of him as a baby but those photos are not on my computer so this photo of him on what I believe was his first day of college will have to do. Besides I think a baby photo might have been a bit embarrassing for him.

My Scott has an incredible sense of humor, love for his family and friends, and dedication to his country...among other things. He is currently finishing up a double major in Poly Sci and History and he'd like to work somewhere in the political arena. Unlike most of us he has enjoyed this last political season and frankly I called him to ask him what the heck a couple of things meant when trying to figure out who/what to vote for. I respect his opinion and knowledge and love talking with him.

So, with that I want to wish Scott a . We'll see ya tonight for dinner!