Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Few Photos

Morning all! I told ya yesterday that I'd share a few photos from our trip to WDW with ya so here ya go!
Above is the lovely view from the balcony at our resort. Yep, that is a golf course and it is a golf course that is used for PGA play. I loved going out on the balcony in the morning...except for the major humidity we had. It was 90 and about 85% humidity most of the time. Such is life though!
The above photo is just a photo I took on Tom Sawyers Island. When I saw the water wheel I thought it would make a good picture. What do you think?
And here is Todd after the Pirate of the Caribbean ride. That one wasn't quite what we were thinking it would be but neat none the less.
This is one of the first photos we took. Everyone has to have one with themselves and the castle, right?
I think I forgot to tell you I got to see my BFF while at! No, seriously, Belle is my favorite Disney Princess. I'm not sure why but I love her.Sigh
Back behind the trees is the ride Big Thunder Mountain. It is a tame but VERY fun roller coaster. I haven't been on a roller coaster since my teens but I could have done this one over and over again. We did go twice!
And finally a washed out (sorry about that) photo of Todd and I at the Biergarten in Epcot. German food and October beer...yummy! The final full day was spent at Epcot as we wanted to ride the Test Track and they were having a Food and Wine Festival. There were little stands throughout the country part of Epcot that sold food from lots of different countries. Needless to say...that was my favorite day!

We were up early (at 2 a.m. PT) to head back home. The flight is a 6 hour flight home as there is no tail wind to help us goodness it was long but at least it was quiet and we had a nice lady sitting in our row! I don't know how Todd could stand his really long international flights....ughh!

Anyway, see ya tomorrow with my card for the 3 Clovers Designs Challenge!