Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love a sale?

Okay, not only do I love a sale but I lurve a clearance sale...the prices are always amazing!

Get some amazing great deals on CLEARANCE ITEMS...click HERE. You are going to find fabulous deals on ribbon, designer series paper, and much more! And here are a few details for ya...

Q: Why does the order have to be placed online?
A: Because the products are only available while supplies last, promoting and taking orders for these items in a workshop setting can result in problems for you and your customers in figuring workshop totals, hostess benefits, and actual delivery of the product. It is very possible that when a customer places an order for one of these items in a workshop, that item will be sold out before you have the opportunity to place the order.

Is the Clearance Rack a promotion?
A: The Clearance Rack is not a promotion and has no end date. The intent is for the Clearance Rack to be a permanent part of the online store.

How often will the Clearance Rack be updated with new items?
A: There is no set schedule. Clearance Rack items will be posted and removed based on inventory levels. Because there is no schedule, encourage your customers to check back regularly through your DBWS for new postings.

If you run out of a certain item, will you restock your inventory and post it for sale again?
A: No. Clearance Rack items are retired, discontinued items and are only available while supplies last.

Q: Where can I see a list of available Clearance Rack items?
A: Because items will be posted and removed based on inventory levels, a list of Clearance Rack items will not be posted on the Demonstrator Web Site. To see the available items, simply visit the online store.

If you have any questions at all please just let me know! You can reach me via e-mail through the button on my left sidebar.