Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

The above picture is of the American flag that is flown at half mast everyday over the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I took this photo, which has no touch up, during our tour of the memorial. This was a sobering stop on our trip but one that definitely taught me about sacrifice.
And, here is my card that, to me, says what today is all about...Land of the free because of the brave. Please remember that today isn't just about a day off of school or work. It is a day to remember those that have fallen in war and to forever honor their memory.

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CreativeMish said...

I love your card! and that picture of the flag is awesome!

Missy said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! I hope to someday see that memorial. It has a lot of meaning to me personally as well.

Diane said...

Such a beautiful card lorie!

Ann said...

Can you share with us what stamp set & paper you used?

Very nice tribute for Memorial Day! I enjoyed your information you shared on yesterday's posting as well.

This is the day that I place my bunting on our front porch & it is displayed until the end of the summer. I plant & decorate in a patriotic theme when Memorial Day comes until the end of summer too.

I'm sure it was quite a moving experience on your trip to Pearl Harbor. We had a family friend who served at Pearl Harbor. After retiring he & his wife moved to Hawaii so that he could be a volunteer. They have both since passed, but it is a special memory for our family.

When I was a senior in high school back in the 80's we visited the Vietnam Memorial Wall in D.C. My
2nd cousin's name is inscribed there. I felt so honored & priviledged to stand before that wall in wonderment of what sacrifice these men gave. It was so quiet & very few dry eyes when looking at all the names surprisingly for a group of high schoolers. I took a photo & placed a paper over his name to transfer it for my Great Aunt & Uncle because I knew they would never be able to travel to this historic site.

It was very special to me then & to this day in my 40's I still remember that day as if it was yesterday!

In memory of those that served our country,

Karen said...

Beautiful card and beautifully stated!

Was wondering what the stamp set was?


Dani said...

Gorgeous photo and fabulous card!

Emily said...

Beautiful card! Love the layout and the stamps you used! Great picture too!

The Breach Family said...

I love this card Lorie!! I saw it over at the KLSNS Girls Challenge for this month (and voted for ya)- it's so it! We had a nice Memorial Day, and I just got around to posting our pictures on our family blog, in case you're interested :) My Memorial Day PostHugs,