Saturday, September 27, 2008


WinnerChosen by random.kyler we have a winner for the sketch challenge I issued on Wednesday! And the winner is....Christi! You can see her card HERE. Christi...e-mail me your address and I'll get your Glory from Lorie out on Monday!

Want to see all the entries? I thought I'd make it easy for you by listing them below.

There is one more from Debby but she doesn't have a blog. Trust is cute!!

Aren't they all great! Thank you, everyone, for participating! Okay, I've been tagged several times this week for the new round of blog tags so I thought I'd go ahead and try to list 7 things about myself...

1. After working full time this week...I'm not sure I could do it all the time. My goodness I was tired by the time I got home. Remember I was getting up at 5:30 a.m. to exercise before the kids got up, getting Kyler to school, then to work from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. I was on my feet almost all day. Very tiring! I have had fun at it though and have two more days this next week then I'll be done for the quarter.
2. I have a tattoo. It is a rose vine kind of thing around my left ankle. I got it during what I'm calling my mid-life crisis (when I turned 30). I still love it though and I'm glad I got it.
3. Growing up I lived in 4 different cities between being born and 3rd grade. We did move more after that but just from house to house...not school, city or states.
4. My trip to Hawaii will be the first time I've flown over a major body of that is a little scary to me!
5. I played clarinet from 5th grade all the way through a senior in high school. I haven't picked it up since then though.
6. In case you didn't favorite color is pink!
7. I have way to many stamps that I don't use and really need to put some up for sale but haven't because it will be a very LARGE project to attack!

I am supposed to tag some more people but I'm just not going to do it. If you'd like to play though...go ahead. Also my blogging friend Kristine gave me a One Sweet Blog award this week. You can go HERE and see what that is all about. I would like to tag all my wonderful readers on this fun award as I really appreciate everyone that visits and participates in my little contests!

Today should bring me some time to stamp and that is good as I have a couple of cards that I need to make. I hope you all have a super Saturday and I'll see you tomorrow!

6 comments that make my day!:

Dani said...

It's so fun to read your 7 facts. You are too funny. :)

Unknown said...

Damn. See if I ever play along for your challenges again! ;o) hee hee.

Oh and about your facts...

1.) That is why I highly advise people to not exercise. lol!

2.) ME TOO! Well, the tattoo part. I love mine too.

7.) Don't forget me. ;)

Unknown said...

congrats to the winner! =) Thanks for sharing! love pink...=)

Lori Barnett said...

say WHAT??!!! You used the "E" word!! You Exercise!!! BAD GIRL! ha ha ha. you got me feeling guilty. I even have a gym membership at LifeTime fitness - but most of the time "if" I go it's to swim with my daughter! ha ha ha ha. And it's right across the street from her school! Much too convenient LOL. And a tattoo?! I'm with you on that..I have one too. Maybe we can get together and I'll bring my flute. hee hee hee

Thanks for sharing all that fun stuff :)

Christi Flores said...

Woot! I can't believe I won! Thanks sweetie!! I'll email you my addy as soon as I finish this! Loved hearing those random facts about you. So fun!!

Courtney said...

Josh was a drum major and we both were trumpet players. Dude! We should start a band!


Thank you so much for your prayers for us... we're doing better, slowly but surely!