Wednesday, June 25, 2008

pizza box and an rak

So sorry about being absent yesterday! I was going to post the RAK that I got the other day but my internet connection was not working and I had to leave the house. Then by the afternoon...I'd forgotten. Go figure! So today you get the RAK and the pizza box.

I found directions for the pizza box on Jenn's blog (notice me use her name like I know her...ha! I wish!). Anyway, I've had this other piece of American Crafts paper sitting around for awhile so I thought I'd put it to good use along with my High Hopes monkey. I haven't determined what I'll do with this quite yet but won't it make a super cute presentation box for someone?

Then, here is the super cute Bella RAK I got from Pam Gaynor. Do you not love it!? I haven't gotten an RAK in awhile...but then again I haven't sent one in awhile so please don't think I'm complaining 'cuz I'm not. The colors are so happy and I just love the iPodabella...okay I love almost all the Bella stamps! Oh, I think Em is having a sale today (for her birthday)...yep! I just went and looked. Free shipping on orders over $45! Yay...that saves us USAers a ton of money. The code is as follows....3b8d33. Just put that in the coupon section and shipping. Em does say that if for some reason it doesn't work to put a comment in the comment section and she promises that they will refund the shipping. Oh, and she says she is releasing new stamps today too so make sure you check out the store HERE.

So, does this post make up for missing yesterday's? Hope so! Now...I must run and get ready to get to VBS! Oh, I must tell you that we were planning 100 children at VBS this year but didn't come even close to having enough volunteers for that many children. Well, we have 51 children (which I'm okay with) AND God brought just the correct amount of volunteers on Monday! Yay! He is so faithful isn't he?

Anyway, have a wonderful Wednesday!

8 comments that make my day!:

Katie Skiff said...

That is the cutest box, I need to try to make one. Cute RAK!! I need to send more

Christi Flores said...

I love that box and that RAK!! How awesome about your VBS too! God is awesome!! :)

Dani said...

The box is super cute! The monkey is adorable! The RAK is great, I need to remember to send stuff, not just make it!

Diane said...

Great stuff Lorie!!

Courtney said...

Congrats on the RAK and I love the pizza box!

Thanks for the heads up... I wish I weren't broke, I'd be over there in a jif!

Kim said...

I love the pizza box! I am so going to try and make this!
Hugs~ Kim

Bev said...

OOH, this is a cool pizza you know what size it is finished? Will it hold a set of cards??

Michelle said...

I hadn't seen this, thanks for sending me the link!! It's absolutely adorable, I'll have to try that pizza box sometime ~~ thanks for sharing!!!!