Friday, May 2, 2008


Well, here it is! This is the recipe page that I'm using for my swap with Courtney. I know, I know, it is pretty plain and doesn't have a lick of stamping but you know what? I still like it! All of the swaps pages have a black background and the "yum" is the same but I didn't have enough of the So Saffron papers so most of them are made with slightly different papers and I had to switch to Apricot Appeal for four of the pages as I totally ran out of So Saffron. Guess that is what I get for procrastinating so long!

Funny story about the black brads (unless you are Courtney and got the frustrated'll see). Yesterday afternoon I decided that I needed to add the black brads to this project (and I'm glad I did) but didn't have nearly enough. So, I thought to myself...self, surely even in this small town (Pop. 15,000) the LSS will have a package of black brads. NO! No, they did not! Can you believe that? So, I head over to Fred Meyer (like Target) to their incredibly small craft section thinking surely they would have them and NO! No, they did not either! (Here is where I texted Courtney that it stinks living in a small town!) Ugghhh! So, Todd calls one of his co-workers who lives in a neighboring town (45 minutes away is neighboring) and asks him to purchase me some black brads at Craft Warehouse before coming to work and you know what? HE DID!!!! Yay! So, I get my black brads at 8:15 p.m. last night which worked great as I got them all done before Gray's Anatomy came on...woohoo! Ahhh...small town living! LOL!

Oh, and guess what? My grandpa's wife called yesterday to update me on how things are going and they are going okay. Grandpa is very tired and having some problems sleeping (although that isn't new for him) but he is home and that is GOOD. The other thing the phone call was for was because she wanted to ask if I would scrapbook all of grandpa's pictures from his recent trip to DC to see the WWII Monument of the places in the picture. . I am so excited to help in this way! So honored they would ask me! So nervous that I will be able to do it quickly yet make it look nice. So excited because after I get the pages done I get to sit with grandpa and journal his thoughts and remembrances. cool is that? So, I'm wondering...if you have any USA/patriotic scrapbook stuff (12x12) that you'd like to donate to my little project that would be great. Honestly, if you just have some layouts that you love and are easy to put together I would love that too. My grandpa was in the Navy so Navy stuff would be neat to. If you are off shopping online and come across something e-mail me the link so I can check it out, k? Thanks you guys! ***Edit...I just found a Navy 12x12 scrapbook at Joanns online for $20 and got free shipping! Woohoo!*** ***I just found this must go see it!***

Okay, I've written a book again but I just HAD to tell you about my new project coming up! Today is Friday though and that is a wonderful thing! I hope you all make today a wonderful day and that you do something nice for someone else!

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Katie Skiff said...

Yum is right...that page is fun, esp. the 2 rounded corners. Nifty!

You are lucky you have a store to shop at sister!! LOL...
And I think I might have some patriotic papers. I'll see and add them to your box today!!

Dani said...

Your recipe card looks great!
So glad to hear about your Gpa, it will be great for you to do this project. :)

Brandi Wiggins-Côté said...

LORIE!!!! Like I don't have enough things in my life that make me fat (sendentary scrapbooking habit, love of salty snacks, sweet tooth...)! And now...a delicious dip recipe. Ughh. What a great project! I live in a small town too and can NEVER find black brads. So when I do, I stock up!

I"m sneaking time at work to write this so you're nothing but a bad habit to me!! LOL!

Christi Flores said...

Your recipe card is adorable!!!

Becca said...

Hi Lorie: When I made scrapbooks for my family and friends I went to

If you type in the subject you will find lots of stuff or go to their affiliate

hope that helps..I can also cut you some titles with my Silhouette if you like. Just tell me what colour cardstock and I can create something for you. I don't have fancy fonts as of yet. LOL> trying to learn.

Come to my blog on NSD for some fun events.

Kathleen Summers said...

Whaat a story - NO BLACK BRADS?! LOL!! Sorry to laugh at your small town livin. ;)

Hey, your sig is soooooooo cool. Love that.


Courtney said...

Oh my word. I don't believe that recipe is Weight Watchers friendly, girlfriend!!

You have an awesome husband (and awesome coworker) to do that for you! Yay! Hi-Five for Todd!

TA Carbone said...

can't wait to get the recipe and try it as it looks so good.

small towns are the best.

So happy about your grandpa. My dad was in WWII also but with the Army. He just receintly gave my nephew his metals.