Saturday, May 17, 2008

what not to do

I just thought I'd show you today what not to do. I fussed and fussed with this card the other day and had a terrible time making it into something that I loved. I changed the backgrounds, thought about different colors but nothing really made this into something I liked. Oh, well...lesson learned.

The wine tasting was fun last night. We went and had dinner at our favorite restaurant first then went and tasted a ton of different wines and some yummy appetizer/desserts. I must say that it seems to be that most people like red wines. Me? Not so much. But, I did taste a lovely blend from Benson Vineyards called Sangiovese. At $24.50 a bottle though it is a little more than I would usually spend. Cave B Winery is another that is consistently good and had a wonderful Riesling. Cave B isn't to far from where we live and we really hope to make it out to SageCliffe for dinner and maybe an overnight one night. Anyway, I'd say those are my two favorite wineries this year.

I hope you have a fantastic Saturday and gets lots accomplished!

4 comments that make my day!:

Dani said...

Quit being so hard on yourself! We all make cards that we aren't happy with! Glad you had a fun night!

Courtney said...

I like it. It's totall cute. :)

Hey, like my new pic? ---->

QuiltNut Creations said...

it's not THAT bad-the background is a little much lol

hope you are having a great weekend! sounds like you had a great time last night :)

Imagine That Digistamp said...

Wine tasting hmmm??? :D Hey, my maiden name is Benson...maybe I'm related to Benson Vineyards, lol. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Like the candles on your card. But ya know, sometimes it just takes experimenting over and over. But I wouldn't spend too much time on one card. I'm sure it'll be a blessing to someone! ;P