Wednesday, April 30, 2008

just have to show you

Remember two days ago when I showed you what my backyard garden looked like? Well, after 3 trips to the rock quarry, a trip to the nursery, and some hard is what it looks like now. Don't ya just love it? I think it looks great and it is so nice to have something back there other than dead! Now if the wind would die down and the temperature would come up the roses would be loving it!

When I went to the church last night I checked my box and what did I find? This WONDERFUL bookmark. Oh, my goodness I love it! Whoever made it for me (and there was no identification) knows me well because that flower on the front is my favorite flower...Lily of the Valley. On the bottom it has the flower and says thinking of you, my name is on the right side (I love it when I get things with my name on them! Weird, right?) and on the back it says "Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things." That is just so sweet and makes me feel so loved! I have a clue of who might have made it for me so I must check with her today but I had to show you guys right away!

Tomorrow, I'm going to show you guys what I do with my Nestabilities after I receive them. I don't like the clam shell that they come in so I've copied someone on a blog (can't remember who at this point) and put them into a more friendly for Lorie container.

Today I must work on my recipe swap for Courtney. I got all the recipes printed out last night. Now I must figure out a layout and get them done as they are due in her hands on the 5th....YIKES!!! I'm such a slacker this time!

And, two last little updates. Kyler goes next week to finish up his root canals. His teeth have done a great job of accepting the stuff they put in them to get them to seal up stage is next week on Wednesday. He is excited to be done with it but apprehensive about the shots. I know he'll do just fine! Also, an update on my grandpa. He went home I think on Monday. I haven't talked to him since then because I'm sure he was inundated with visitors and such yesterday so I'll be calling today to see how he is doing. Thanks so much for your support and prayers with both of these matters!

***Edited to tell you that SU! has extended the Occasions mini catalog to be effective until June 30th! So, if there is anything you were still have time! Also, coming May 1st spend $35 with SU! and get any On Board chipboard item on pages 178/179 for 25% off. Pretty cool, huh?***

So, there it is...a book, when I didn't even think I had enough to show/tell you for a small post. Just goes to prove I CAN talk a lot, huh? LOL! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and I'll see ya tomorrow!

7 comments that make my day!:

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Beautiful! Hard work does pay off! That's great news all around!

Dani said...

Your yard looks great!
Glad Kyler and your Grandpa are both doing better!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

Oh I LOVE the pic of your back yard! That's beautiful! And what a nice surprise to find in my mailbox! I'm sure you'll get much use out of that beautiful bookmark.

Diane said...

I love it when I read positive blogs like yours,all good news!!!
That bookmark is special,and beautiful!!!
Glad to see Kyler and Grandpa are doing good!!!
Have a great wed too Lorie.
As if April is already over!!!!

Becca said...

ooh nice back if you can put a wind-free tunnel with a mesh (like in camping) set up a table, and invite all of your blogging friends over for a day of Scrap.

Yes, great that Kyler and Grandpa are recouping....the Lord listens to us all.

Hugs Lorie and thanks for the nice comments on my mean old brothers throwing me in the ocean...silly guys...they dont' live it down, not even now. LO


Christi Flores said...

Your yard looks great!! I am so glad that everything is going good for you right now. :)

Courtney said...

Wow! My back hurts just looking at all of that work you put into your back yard!

Wanna come to my house and do that??

Glad to hear everyone is ok.

Aren't little anonymus suprises the best??