Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's An RAK Day!

I've gotten a couple of really neat RAK's over the last couple of days and wanted to show them to you. First...Bev from Country Frog Creations sent Kyler an envelope when she read about his accident. It arrived yesterday and he was SO excited about it! Kyler has a shelf on the bookshelf in his room where he puts the cards that people send to him so as soon as he read the card, drooled over the candy, and let me take a picture he took the card right in and put it in a place of honor. Bev...thank you so much. It was great to see my son so excited!

Just a quick update about his teeth. We went back to the dentist yesterday, they took another x-ray and determined that his roots have indeed died. It was quite the trauma to his mouth and the roots really didn't have a chance. So...we are going back on Tuesday next week to have root canals in those teeth. You know what is worse though? It is the day before his 10th birthday. The dentist has promised me that he will be feeling 90% better for his family party on Wednesday and should have no problem at his party with friends on Saturday. Kyler is none to happy with the prospects of the root canals BUT he is a trooper and it will be okay...at least that is what I keep telling myself!So, here he is with the RAK. Isn't that the cutest smile? If you look really close you can see the wire that is on his teeth and has to stay there until next week.

This card is from my friend Courtney at Created by Courtney. If we lived closer I think that people would probably guess we are sisters by how much we have in common. Anyway, she was thinking of me so she sent me a card. Isn't it just cute? And that verse...perfect. Thanks Courtney!
And, this card is from Andi at Crafts on a Whim. It was thanking me for being a featured crafter on her blog. Thanking me? All I did was say yes. :o) How cute and thank you so much, Andi!

So, I hope everyone had a fantastic Monday. What did you all do? Did you craft anything? I'm feeling like some Glory from Lorie. How about if you link me up to something you made yesterday so that everyone can see it I'll put you into a chance for some push pin (got them in a swap at Regionals so you know they are cute!) and a Charcoal Colorbox Chalk cat's eye ink pad. Is anyone interested? You have until I post tomorrow morning to link us up to something.

Have a super fantastic Tuesday everyone!

11 comments that make my day!:

Dani said...

Oh your poor boy! Good thing kids are resilient! He will do fine. :)

Unknown said...

The RAK cards are beautiful, I'm sorry to hear of your little guys troubles. I need to look back in your blog and see what happened. I've visited your blog before you art is always so inspirational! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I hope your son does feel better by his birthday parties! Poor kid to have to go through allt his. Dental stuff is just not fun in my book.

Bev said...

He is just too cute! Your very welcome - I just love to make someone's day - especially kids!

Well, no creative mojo here for several days (been sick since Friday and have been nothing but a zombie) - tried last night to make some cards, but wound up cleaning off my scrap table instead (it REALLY needed it!)

No pics to link...maybe next time.


Diane said...

That is so nice of her to send Kyler a Rak!!! Looks like he's doing good,I'm happy!!I'll get something up on my post and check my blog cuz I gave YOU an award!!

Diane said...

Hey girl,I posted a card I made yesterday so you can go and check it out if you'd like!!!
Have a wonderful day!

Courtney said...

Oh girl. That butterfly card is to DIE for! Wow! That artist is sure talented! Oh Man!

Yea, the other one is great, too.

How much did you pay that kid to look so cute??? He's just adorable!!

Amber Porter said...

Awwww, not the news you wanted to hear probably! I'm sure everything will turn out fine though! Hugs to Kyler! What a trooper!

Courtney said...

If we're sisters, you definately got the workout gene, and I got the lazy gene.


Hey, just went and checked out the crafts on a whim site and you rock! I'm so proud of you...

and... I wanted to clarify that I DO really like the card she sent you, I just re-read that and realized my humor might not have been picked up by some. :)

Unknown said...

I'm so happy for Kyler! He deserves lots of treats for what he's going through. Poor baby! Just thinking of you both and hoping you are both doing better. Wish I was there to help or just to give you both hugs!
Love ya,

Becca said...

Awe your poor son, I can all relate to what he is going through and as a mom it is hard to see them discouraged. My son (10 also) lost his permanent teeth too. He goes to the Ortho once a month to make sure his teeth and mouth get aligned again.
I hope he has a wonderful birthday, being with friends and family should help cheer him up.
Nice RAKs you have received and lovely cards you have made.
Take care Lorie,