Monday, April 28, 2008

creative in a different way

Okay, there is something you need to know about me. Being creative in any way, shape or form does not come naturally. It is all learned either by other people, magazines, and TV.

Our back yard has pretty much been plain and boring since we moved in. I finally decided last year that we really needed to do something about that so we put in the garden area that you see on the right. Then, it sat there over the winter. This last week I decided, since roses do really well in my yard, that I wanted to make the back garden a rose garden. So, on Saturday Todd and the boys put some new top soil in and got it all smoothed out. Yesterday, Todd and I went to Bi-Mart (a small...very small Costco kind of place...sorta) and bought 11 rose plants and one Hosta plant (a couple were for the front too). I have since been told that the Hosta won't do well where I put it BUT...I'll try it anyway. So, my creativity was used up on planting those rose plants and then discussing exactly what we could do about that stupid grass that you see. Doesn't seem to matter what we do with is just looking dead. I think we are going to have to re-seed.

Today, we go and buy our tree. It is going to be a flowering plum tree. No fruit just pretty leaves and flowers. Hopefully it will survive the summer (have to water it lots). Well, we also will be thatching the yard today too.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Make today a wonderful Monday!

6 comments that make my day!:

Courtney said...

Oh my word! My body aches for you! But what a wonderful payoff in the end! Can't wait to see those roses next year!

Debby said...

That is going to be a beautiful Rose bed, Lorie. I can't grow Roses to save my soul. They die every time on me.
On your grass I can't tell if you have Pine trees or not but our yard is like that to and we have to do a acid treatment on ours because of the acid or something in the trees we have in our yard. I hate pine trees but am stuck with them until we can afford to rid them. We have 44 of them so it is like a park in the back yard, but, I have allergies to them so hence the not liking them, plus the sap and pine needles and cones that come in from shoes ect.... Anyway, not meaning to make this a letter but check and see if you have to much acid in your lawn.
Angel hugs

Katie Skiff said...

That looks fun. My yard is in dire need of something, and it's finally warmed up enough to do it too!

Diane said...

Oh that's going to be so nice once they bloom! Can't wait to see it!
Beautiful fence!!!

tyrymom29 said...

I love it LORIE !!! Its gonna look awesome when they bloom......Hugs!!

QuiltNut Creations said...

very nice Lorie! i love hostas but have never had luck in our yard with them.