Saturday, March 1, 2008


It was a fun mail day for Kyler and I. I got a super cute card from Amber Porter. She made the cutest card with her Sweet Celebrations Hanna set. The little dog is from a MFT set. The paper piecing and the bling is SO much fun! I'm so honored she sent me this card! Thank you Amber!

And then Kyler got an RAK yesterday too! I signed us up to be part of an international kiddo swap on Sari's blog. I was paired up with a mom from Finland. We sent her 4 year old daughter a my little pony, ribbon bracelets, and some cute heart tissues. You can see our swap partner HERE. Anyway, Kyler received his package yesterday and it was so cool! They sent him, first off, a super cute card! I think that is a Magnolia image (correct me if I'm wrong) in green because Kyler's favorite color is green. They also sent some candy and a comic book. Kyler has enjoyed reading the comic book by the pictures. I thought the cutest thing was the picture that Julia (4 years old) drew of Kyler. I don't think you can see it in the picture but it is adorable that she did that for him! Thank you so much to Julia and her mom!

Sari is holding another one of these swaps so if you'd like to try it out go to her blog and sign up. I know your kids will enjoy it!

Don't forget my little challenge to you guys yesterday! Read THIS post to find out what the challenge is! :o)

Have a super Saturday!

5 comments that make my day!:

Amber Porter said...

Yahhh! Glad it arrived!! What great goodies your son got too! His card that he received is super cute! Not to mention the great goodies!
Have a great day you sassy stamper!!

Diane said...

That's nice raks you both got!!
For today's good deed,I went and picked up one of my girlfriends and went to Walmart and picked up a
scrapbbok album for one of our other friend which we'll be making her an album of her 60th b'day party. We started it today and had so much fun!!! She'll be all tickled pink when she recieves it!!

Anonymous said...

We were at Bi-Mart yesterday(Saturday) and their front door does not open by itself so that people with disabilities can get in. The boys and I are walking to the front door and so if this man in a motorized wheel chair. You could see some of the people walking faster so that they would not have to help with the door. It really mad me frustrated. We lagged back so that we could help him open the door. Thanks, Cheryl B.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the RAK got there safe and sound. The boy on the card was indeed Magnolia.

Have a great new week : D

Cristina said...

This sounds so fun! Thanks for the tip. I love the card you got.