Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Site of Senses

I just have to tell you all about my dad. My dad has always been a handy kind of guy. He fixes things around the house...fixes cars...built 2 houses...woodworks...and most importantly, he loves his family especially his grandkids! Over the last several years my dad has been involved in his own business called Table Innovations. His different products help a range of different types of people from us crafters to children to those who have limited mobility. You can see his website HERE. His products are all very well made and worth every single penny you spend on them.

Over the last couple of years he has started a project called Site of Senses. My dad, along with the Kiwanis chapter in his area are teaming together to provide Site of Senses "boxes" (for lack of a much better word) for the severely sight impaired or blind and infants and children with multiple handicaps. I'm so proud of my dad for what he is doing for those that have a need that hasn't been met yet!

I would be honored if you would visit my dad's Site of Senses website and view the informational video that he has made available (Just click on the picture on the front page). I know you are probably saying that you don't need that type of thing but maybe someone you now know or will meet in the future will and you will have this information for them!

Most of all...pray that every child that needs something such as the Site of Senses box will find a way to get one. Thank you all for taking the time to think about this project!

6 comments that make my day!:

Anonymous said...

Those are both awesome. I like that paper organizer for myself! LOL...

I also love what he is doing for the kids. That is really neat and I am sure a useful tool for the parents.

Thanks Lorie!!

Anonymous said...

Your Dad is awesome Lorie. Reminds me of my father who was also a woodworker. I have many of his pieces in my home that I cherish. Like your father he too was very active doing "good" for those who needed help. Darlene

Amber Porter said...

What a great project! Thanks for sharing the information!!

Courtney said...

Wow. That's awesome.

So can you purchase one to donate? Or are they looking for new areas to bring these?

I'd love to help!

pescbrico said...

I work all day with special needs childrens! I was so touch to see what your father make!
Have a great day!

Diane said...

Wow!Your dad does some amazing work!!! TFS!!