Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My goodness...how cute is this little girl?! This is Sammie. She is my neighbor and she came over to play with me for a little while this morning. After I had volunteered and made plans with her mom I thought to myself...what am I going to do with a 3 year old girl? I mean, seriously, I have only had boys for years now. I've come to find out that little girls are just like little boys only with higher voices! LOL! Anyway, we walked Kyler to school...okay, I walked and she got a piggyback ride...we watched a Barbie Fairy movie, colored together and then she needed a snack so she had a Kudos bar...yummy! Oh, and she is very good at counting and putting the crayons in color order...a 3 year old that puts crayons in color order...wow!

So anyway...seeeee I can entertain little girls! I know...it is shocking to me too!

3 comments that make my day!:

pescbrico said...

She is really cute! :) LOL I'm not sure what I would do with little boy! :) I'm use to my daughter! LOL
Have a great day!

Diane said...

Oh Lorie,she's a doll!!! Glad you had fun with her!!

Courtney said...

And she's good at posing for pictures, too!