Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Little Tidbits!

I thought I'd show you what the candy jar looks like when it is full of springy looking candy. Isn't it cute? Now to find a cello bag big enough to cover the entire dish so I can wrap it up with a bow. If you have one will you let me know and I will buy it from you?

The card is for my hairdresser (whose surgery is today I believe) and I assure you...it is much cuter in real life! I know the papers are quite busy but really...they go so well together. One little tip I can give you today...If you are going to use liquid applique and crystal effects...use the liquid applique first so that when you heat it the crystal effects won't bubble. Duh, for me! Why didn't I think of that before? I do think I'll use this layout again as it is so cute and could lend itself to lots of fun cards.

And a request. I would love to have a Magnolia image or two. Girls, boys...whatever you have...if you have them could we trade some images maybe? I've got lots of Bella's, Hanna's, SU! stamps and even PTI. Please let me know!

Oh, and on Thursday (I will still probably post this day), Friday, and Saturday this week I will either be traveling to or attending the Northwest Christian Education Conference over in the Seattle area. My good friend, Carol, and I will be attending again this year and I'm just so excited! We have a great time together and connect on so many levels that it is really a great time! If, by chance, any of my readers will be attending please let me know so we can meet up. That would be so neat!

So, go forth and make today a super day!

13 comments that make my day!:

Unknown said...

Hi Lorie,
I love the candy dish! You can see the rub ons much better with the candy in it! What a great idea! I'm also loving the hair dresser card! Great colors and detail! If I don't get a chance to say it before you leave, have a wonderful time at your conference!
Hugs to you,
Oh, by the way, I got a card yesterday from my Secret Sis. That was a nice surprise!

Unknown said...

Love what you have done!! I have some magnolia images that i can send to you! I think i have your adress here somewhere! I have some boys and some girls... just have to clear up some space in my room first...=) No, nothing has arrieved yet from my secret sister. I have called the local postoffice and asked if they have something there, i have to call them back tomorrow! keeping my fingers crossed that the envie is there!!

Jessica Smith said...

Love the candy dish and your card is great tfs.

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion...you could put the candy in a clear bag and then put it in the container. That way you wouldn't need such a big bag.

Love underthehoodybella -- so cute!

Have fun in Seattle! :)

~Jennifer K.

pescbrico said...

What a lovely card! :) And I love the look of the jar! Sorry I don't have any Magnolia!

tyrymom29 said...

Love the card and candy dish!!!

Courtney said...

Pass some of those m&m's over here, please!

You have a lucky hairdresser. :)

Amber Porter said...

Cute card! I just got a couple images of this bella in a recent image swap! I may make a few notecards for my hairdresser!

Anonymous said...

How big is that? I'll look in my stash tonight and pop something in the mail. If it doesn't work you can just keep it. I don't remember how big you said that was, but I can see sort of.

I got some Spring rubons and one says Candy, so I need to haunt the $$Store.

JoAnna said...

These are sooo cute!!! Thanks for sharing :)


Allison Rankin said...

Love your candy dish and what's in it!

Cristina said...

I love how the dish looks with candy in it! And that card is breath-taking! Very pretty!

QuiltNut Creations said...

i LOVE that candy dish! now i'm going to have to buy some rub-ons and do one too lol!!