Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's Saturday!

And you are thinking...yeah, is Saturday. Well today Jon comes home! As a matter of fact he is on the plane right now. It left early from San Diego (6:30 a.m.) and will arrive in Spokane around 9:30 and then they will be home around noon or so...yay! And Scott's house sitting gig is done today too so we will be a full house again. It was interesting just having one child at home for the week. Pretty darn quiet! Asleep 2

Today I have a card that I made for Emily to show you and then a couple of more swap cards.

So here is Alexa's Bad Hair Day from Stamping Bella. This is the card I made for Emily. You guys know how much I love pink so I had to go with pink and brown for my main colors. The bunny's ears are fun flocked in white and the bunny nose and Alexa's hair bands have glitter on them. There is a little bling in the right upper corner and then finally I used some card scent on it after I got the okay from Emily's mom. I sincerely hope that Emily will like it!

This cute iPodbella card is made by my friend Katie Skiff (who sent me an RAK I get to show you guys). I just love the layout and colors....hmmm...I say that a lot don't I?

And this one is by Katie Cotton. It looks like Katie has a MySpace account so go check her out! Aren't they are cute so far? The last two come on Monday!

Tomorrow is favorite day of the year. I won't be posting any card photos but do check back in tomorrow anyway. What a blessing it is that Jesus took our sins upon himself on that cross. Tears form in my eyes as I think of the fact that my sins helped hold him there. But then...the day of celebration...Easter. The day that Jesus triumphantly arose over sin and cemented for us all an everlasting life with him! Thank you Jesus!

9 comments that make my day!:

pescbrico said...

Lovely cards! :) Enjoy you "full" home again.
Happy Easter to you for tomorrow :)

Bev said...

Glad everyone will be home for Easter for you! Have a blessed day!

Great cards! I am sure it will bring a little bit of sunshine her way!


Dawn said...

Great card Lori! I loved your verse of the day link so much that I added one to my blog too. Have a Blessed Easter!

Courtney said...

Yes! Thank you Jesus!

Oh, cute cards, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Emily will love her card - I sent her one today too! I can't imagine what her family is going through. Thank the Lord there will be no cancer in heaven!! Happy Easter!

Lisa said...

I love your cards! You are very talented.

Diane said...

Great cards Lorie!!! Enjoy this Blessed Day with your family!!

Becca said...

These stamps are wonderful. You did a lovely job on the cards. I just purchased two stamps from Em that were not Bellas too> I think one was the Princess and Elephant. Your cards are so nice.

Kelly A. Swienton said...

Hey Lorie - Great cards, waaaay cute! Miss ya on SUA but totally understand :O) Happy Easter to you!