Friday, February 15, 2008


Sorry, guys. Todd and I left earlyish this morning to try and buy a new vehicle. It looks like we've found something BUT the dealership was HORRIBLE!!! If you live in my area I will tell you who it is and MY experience but I don't wish to slander their name by putting it on the internet. I should tell you that we almost have to go there because it is the only VW place within about 2 hours.

I promise I'll post something really good tomorrow (I hope) before we go pick up the vehicle. Then when we get home I'll have Todd take a pic of me with new new car.

Have a great Friday night everyone!

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Katie Skiff said...

Are you getting a bug? How fun!! Can't wait to see it.

Sorry your day wasn't so great...

Diane said...

Oohhh can't wait to see what you bought!!!

Amber Porter said...

Ugh! I love getting a new car but I hate the actual process of getting a new car!!! I will have to say that I think we had the easiest time when we bought our most recent vehicle - a honda minivan!
Can't wait to see what you get! Is it a bug?? My mom has a convertible bug and it is sooo cute!

Becca said...

Wow Lorie bad experiences with clerks are not a nice thing to have in the day. I had one with a mail clerk who told me that mailing scrapbook or cardmaking supplies was considered "Goods" and would cost me a ton more money to ship. I told her they were just remenants of things I already had, like ribbon, little buttons, primas florals and she was mean and rude to me. Not a good experience either and I can't slander them either...because they are gov't owned LOL>
Well you have been tagged by me so TAG YOU'RE IT.
please list 7 weird things about yourself on your blog and then tag 7 more blogging friends.
Have a better day and let's see those new wheels.

Anonymous said...

I have to buy a new car every two years and I have not been back to the same dealer in years. They all suck when it comes to paying (I usually pay cash but finainced the last one) never again. worst people next to drug dealers

Courtney said...

You are too kind. I'd have probably shouted from the rooftop if someone treated me bad... ESPECIALLY if I was going to plop down money on a new car!!

Ok, maybe not. But I'd feel like it, darn it!

Josh and I found a HUGE clearance at the local Christian book store last night... got 20 novels and commentaries and such for less than 50 bucks! Wahoo! jackpot!

I'll be praying for you today as you go back to the dealership.... may God's blessings and Angels surround you guys and get you only the car HE intends for you to have!