Monday, January 21, 2008

Do you like to quilt?

Do you like to quilt? Would you like to try quilting? If you do or would like to try hop on over to Quilt Nut Creations to win this great Quilted Table Runner Pattern and CUTE fabric! I asked if I could get a personal lesson included in the win! LOL! Now, go! Enter!

3 comments that make my day!:

JoAnna said...

Oh, I love to quilt. My mom taught me and I have made some quitls for the family. They are sooo much fun!!


Unknown said...

Looks wonderfull...but sadly i truly SUCK when it comes to sewing,fabrics...anything like that!!! *LOL* Even my teachers gave up in school....LOL

Ashley said...

Have you just started quilting yourself?
My mom has quilted for years and had to stop because of illness. I think she has more fabric then quilts.
Like me with too many stamps and not enough cards!